Financial Assistance for Cancer Patients

A cancer diagnosis is so overwhelming. On top of figuring out the right doctors and cancer treatments is the question: How do we pay for all of this? Does Medicare of Medicaid cover any of this? Should I work through cancer treatment? This page is dedicated to helping you get through what's known as financial toxicity in cancer.

Dr. Fumiko Chino feature profile

Financial Toxicity of Cancer Treatment

Financial Toxicity of Cancer Treatment

Dr. Fumiko Chino opens up about her late husband’s diagnosis and the financial toll it had on them.


What Benefits are Available for Cancer Patients?

Find out what type of benefits cancer patients are entitled to, how to apply for them and some extra ways to cover your medical expenses...

Medicaid Updates and Cancer

Medicaid is a federal and state-run program that assists its patients with healthcare costs. Read how updates to the program in many states might make it easier to receive Medicaid coverage for your cancer...

Working During Cancer Treatment

Whether you continue working or take time off during treatment, there are many questions new cancer patients face when it comes to their job. Here's what survivors had to say about dealing with work during chemo, radiation, and more...

How Does Medicare Cover Cancer?

Cancer affects people of all ages. What can Medicare do for older cancer patients? How is Medicare changing in 2020? Guest writer Danielle K Roberts shares her expertise...

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