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Prostate Cancer Patient Stories

Prostate cancer is the one of the most common cancers and also the second leading cause of cancer death for men in the the United States1.

Explore the in-depth stories from our prostate cancer patients, who share their stories of symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment in-depth. We also feature medical experts, like urological oncologists, and stories from caregivers.

Editor’s Note: Leading experts and organizations like the American Urological Association strongly recommend that low-risk prostate cancer patients opt into active surveillance instead of any treatment.

“For patients with low-risk prostate cancer, clinicians should recommend active surveillance as the preferred management option. (Strong Recommendation; Evidence Level: Grade A)”

AUA/ASTRO Guideline (2022)

For the general information, symptoms and side effects, visit our prostate cancer overview page.

Spotlight: Al Roker

As a celebrated TV personality, journalist, meteorologist, and author, Al Roker is a familiar face for so many of us. That’s why when Al announced his prostate cancer diagnosis at the end of 2020, it created many waves and galvanized a large outpouring of support from around the world.

In this interview with The Patient Story founder, Stephanie Chuang, Al opens up about his patient experience and especially about how important it is for men to get screened for prostate cancer through the PSA test (and digital exam).

He’s also passionate and vocal about the importance of African-American men being vigilant in particular, as they are disproportionately affected by prostate cancer.

Read → Al shares his patient story

Patient Stories

Our prostate cancer patients share their in-depth experiences of going through treatment, from first symptoms through navigating life outside cancer.

Paul G. feature profile

Paul G., Prostate Cancer

Symptoms: None; elevated PSA levels
Treatment: Prostatectomy (surgery), radiation, hormone therapy
Tim J. feature profile

Tim J., Prostate Cancer

Symptoms: None; elevated PSA levels
Treatment: Prostatectomy (surgery)

Mark K., Prostate Cancer, Stage 4

1st Symptoms: Inability to walk

Treatment: Chemotherapy, monthly injection for lungs
Mical R. feature profile

Mical R., Prostate Cancer, Stage 2

Symptoms: No symptoms, caught at routine physical with PSA test
Treatments: Radical prostatectomy (surgery)

Jeffrey P., Prostate Cancer, Gleason 7

Cancer Details: Diagnosed at 59, biopsy had not detected it
1st Symptoms:None, routine PSA test, then IsoPSA test
Treatment:Laparoscopic prostatectomy

Theo W., Prostate Cancer, Low-End High-Risk

Cancer details:
Low-end high-risk prostate cancer, early kidney cancer
1st Symptoms: PSA level of 72
Treatment: Surgery, radiation
Dennis Golden

Dennis G., Prostate Cancer, Gleason 9 (Contained)

Cancer Details: Staged Gleason score 9
1st Symptoms: Urinating more frequently middle of night, slower urine flow
Treatment: Radical prostatectomy (surgery), salvage radiation, hormone therapy (Lupron)

Bruce M., Prostate Cancer, Gleason 8/9, Stage 4A

Cancer Details: Staged Gleason 6/7 pre-surgery, post-surgery changed to 8/9, PSA level at 27
1st Symptoms: Urination changes, brother's prostate cancer diagnosis
Treatment: Radical prostatectomy (surgery), salvage radiation, hormone therapy (Casodex & Lupron)

Al Roker, Prostate Cancer, Gleason 7+, Aggressive

Cancer Details: Aggressive but caught early
1st Symptoms: No symptoms, caught at routine physical with PSA test
Treatment: Radical prostatectomy (surgery)

Steve R., Prostate Cancer, Gleason 6, Stage 2-4

Cancer Details: Started at stage 2 and gradually progressed to stage 3, and then to stage 4 with metastasis to lymph nodes
1st Symptoms: Rising PSA score
Treatment: IMRT (radiation therapy), brachytherapy, surgery, and lutetium-177

Clarence S., Prostate Cancer, Low Gleason Score

Cancer Details: PSA levels fluctuated but were never extremely elevated, cancer contained to prostate
1st Symptoms: No symptoms, caught at routine physical with PSA test
Treatment:Radical prostatectomy (surgery)

Oncologists & Experts

Leanne Burnham, PhD

Role: Project Coordinator for Community Work, Assistant Research Professor
Focus: Prostate cancer
Provider: City of Hope

Dr. Christopher Weight, M.D.

Role: Center Director Urologic Oncology
Focus: Urological oncology, including kidney, prostate, bladder cancers
Provider: Cleveland Clinic

Caregiver Stories

Lisa Matthews, Spouse to Prostate Cancer Patient

"It’s just that tough. It’s scary and difficult, and you need to give each other some space, but also give each other that support and love."


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