Cancer Caregiver Stories

Cancer Caregiver Stories

Spouse, Parent, Child

A cancer diagnosis impacts so many people outside of the patient, him or herself. Caregivers have so much to deal with, including wading through treatment decisions, dealing with side effects from different therapies, and navigating life after a cancer diagnosis.

Caregivers are often spouses and partners, as well as adult children and parents. Each person has their own story to tell about their experiences and lessons they learned.

Hear from the great network that supports cancer patients through the diagnosis, treatment, and overall experience.

You’ll also find articles that cover popular caregiving and support topics.

Caregiver Stories

Spouse Caregiver
  • Communicating
  • Coping with new emotions
  • Making decisions
  • New social life
  • Changing sexual relationship
Child Caregiver
  • How to communicate
  • Shift in caretaker roles
  • Emotional support
  • Managing self-care while being a caregiver

Caregiving & Support Articles

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How to Talk to Kids About Cancer

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Leaving the Hospital: Emotions and Support

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