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Dr. Rafael Fonseca, Multiple Myeloma

Rafael Fonseca, MD

Role: Interim executive director, hematologist-oncologist
Focus: Multiple myeloma, new drug development
Institution: Mayo Clinic

Rafael Fonseca, MD

The Latest on Multiple Myeloma

Rafael Fonseca, MD, has been a practicing hematologist for almost three decades, now interim executive director at Mayo Clinic.

As a veteran specialist of the myeloma field, he shares his insights on the latest in emerging treatments and clinical trial studies for this series focused on the newest treatment for multiple myeloma.

Emerging Treatments in Myeloma

Learn more about the newer class of drugs known as “CELMoDs,” the development of preventative vaccines for myeloma and who might benefit, and Dr. Fonseca’s last message for myeloma patients and caregivers.

What is Multiple Myeloma?

Hear from myeloma specialist, Dr. Rafael Fonseca of Mayo Clinic, who talks about multiple myeloma basics, including the different types and treatment options.

Refractory Myeloma Treatment

Dr. Fonseca describes his typical treatment regimen for multiple myeloma patients who’ve become triple-class refractory. He dives deeper into drugs like selinexor, melflufen, and belantamab mafodotin, as well as commonly reported side effects and how to manage them.

Front Line Myeloma Treatment

This introductory episode focuses on the landscape of front line or first line treatment for multiple myeloma, from induction therapy, the various go-to drugs and how they’re used, personalizing treatment, and the most commonly reported side effects. (Aug. 2021).
Learn about emerging multiple myeloma treatments from myeloma expert Dr. Rafael Fonseca.
  • Name: Rafael Fonseca, MD
  • Role:
    • Hematologist-oncologist
    • Interim director, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center 
    • Director, Innovation and Transformational Relationships at Mayo Clinic (Arizona)
  • Experience: ~30 years
  • Areas of Focus:
    • Clinical trials for myeloma and related conditions
    • Genetics of myeloma
    • New drug development
  • Approach with patients: Understanding & cognizant of difficulties diagnosis brings

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