Caring for a Parent with Cancer

Caring for a Parent with Cancer

It’s estimated that about 38% of Americans will get diagnosed with cancer at some point. The majority of these diagnoses are for people are older with the median age of 66 years. (National Cancer Institute)

This means many of the people searching for information about treatments are caregivers, most who are related to the patient. Below you’ll find stories specifically from an adult child-caretaker.

Barbara Kivowitz
Barbara Kivowitz, Caregiver Expert & Author
“A critical ingredient we need throughout our lives in all circumstances is hope. Hope can exist and persist even when a cure is not possible. You can attach hope to anything.”...
Beth P. feature
Beth Pauvlinch, Daughter of Breast Cancer Patient
“Cancer can make you really angry. It’s okay to be mad. It’s okay to have feelings. I chose to get my anger out in positive ways.“...
Kris C. J.

Kris Curl Johnston, Program Manager

Program Manager: primary contact for area oncologists and patients needing a phase I trial.
Experience: ~20 years
Hospital size: Large teaching institution