Opdivo (Nivolumab ) Patient Stories

Opdivo (nivolumab) Patient Stories

Opdivo, also known by the generic name, nivolumab, is a therapy meant to treat a variety of types of cancer, including skin cancer, Hodgkin lymphoma, and others. Unlike chemotherapy, Opdivo, and immunotherapies like it, work with your immune system to fight cancer cells.

Read on for Opdivo experiences from real cancer patients:

Chris shares his stage 4 mucosal melanoma story
Chris W., Stage 4 Mucosal Melanoma Diagnosis: Stage 4 Mucosal Melanoma Symptoms: Sweaty rectum, zit-sized lump in rectum that grew, lump that developed in right-groinTreatment: Surgery, Chemo, Radiation, Immunotherapy, Tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs)...
Keith G.

Keith G.

Symptoms: High levels of protein
Treatment: Chemotherapy, stem cell transplant

Laura F., Renal Cell Carcinoma (Clear Cell), Stage 4

1st Symptoms: Severe headaches

Treatment: Partial nefrectomy (surgical removal of one kidney), Gamma Knife brain radiation, stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), nivolumab (Opdivo), Avastin, cabozantinib

Ellis E., 3A

1st Symptoms:
Changing mole on arm
Lymph node resection, immunotherapy (Opdivo), targeted therapy (BRAF inhibitor)

Katee P., Hodgkin, Stage 2B

Cancer details: Accidentally found in x-ray after months of symptoms
1st Symptoms: Night sweats, fatigue, extreme itchiness, persistent cough
Treatment: AAVD chemo, clinical trial w/brentuximab (Adcetris) + nivolumab (Opdivo) immunotherapy