Patient Event Registration – Hodgkin Roundtable, February 2024

Hodgkin Lymphoma: What are My Treatment Options in 2024? – Registration

Wednesday, Feb. 21 @ 6 pm EST

Brought to you in partnership with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society & Imerman Angels

Discussion details

Key topics:

  • Clinical Trials & Treatment
    • Updates on the latest available trials
    • Monoclonal antibody treatments like brentuximab
    • AHOD2131 and strategies to re-sensitize to PD1 inhibitors
    • Ways to minimize side effects from treatments
  • Advances in Post-Transplant Relapse
    • CAR T-Cell Therapy and bispecific antibodies
  • Early vs Advanced Stage Advancements
    • Trials like SWOG S1826, with an emphasis on the potential standardization of Nivolumab in frontline advanced-stage cases
  • Addressing Treatment Gaps
    • Enhancing frontline treatment and managing patients’ refractory to specific therapies
  • Developments in Salvage Therapy
    • Pembro + GVD and Nivolumab + ICE

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