Coronavirus (COVID-19) Stories Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Stories Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

I’m otherwise a healthy person. I don’t smoke, I don’t have asthma, no chronic issues, but it still affected me pretty badly. I had access to a very good hospital system that gave me this drug that helped but not everyone’s going to have access to that.

Tina Baker, Former COVID-19 Patient

The Patient Story focuses on cancer stories but with the onslaught of sudden cases and mounting uncertainty, we decided to interview former COVID-19 patients to help anyone who just want to better understand the novel coronavirus, especially new patients and their families. We understand it’s the lack of knowing that can add more stress and anxiety. We hope this helps.

Justin Wilhite

Infection: Community spread
Home: Sacramento Area
1st Symptoms: Persistent headache (resistent to Tylenol + OTC medications), chest pains
COVID-19 Test: Not taken
Case: Moderate
Treatment: Tamiflu, OTC medications
Status: Recovered

Tina Baker’s Story Pt. 1 (Diagnosis & Treatment)

Infection: Work trip to London
Home: Palo Alto, CA
1st Symptoms: Sore throat, major fatigue
COVID-19 Test: Positive
Case: Moderate to severe
Treatment: Clinical Drug Trial (Remdesivir)
Status: Recovered, back to work (from home)