Cancer and Mental Health

Whether it's waiting for scan results ("scanxiety") or the tension in transitioning from the hospital back home, cancer is rife with anxiety and difficulties that can really impact mental health. In this section, hear from cancer patients and caregivers who describe the support that helped them deal with these issues the most.

Leaving the Hospital: Emotions and Support

Leaving the hospital after a surgery or course of treatment can evoke a variety of emotions. Hear from real cancer patients about how they were feeling when they went home and the support that’s available when you leave the hospital...

Coping With Scanxiety: Advice From Cancer Patients

Scanxiety is the you have about any scans that will update you on your current status as a cancer patient or survivor. Most patients report feeling this particular kind of anxiety at least once. Find out how real cancer patients and survivors cope with scanxiety...

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